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Texas Heroes MonumentIn recognition of military servicemen, the Galveston and Texas History Center presented an exhibit on Galveston’s monuments. The Texas Heroes Monument, designed by sculptor Louis Amateis, a native of Italy, was dedicated on San Jacinto Day, April 21, 1900. Standing at 25th Street and Broadway, it commemorates the heroes of the Battle of San Jacinto. The exhibit included photographs of the monument’s installation and bas relief friezes.

The exhibit featured several other monuments as well. The Brigham San Jacinto Monument was unveiled in Galveston in 1881 at the Electric Pavilion and subsequently sited at the San Jacinto Battlefield. The Confederate Heroes Monument, sponsored by the United Daughters of the Confederacy, was dedicated in 1912. It stands at 21st Street and Ball. Menard Park’s World War I monument was dedicated in 1927. The World War II monument, at Broadway and 23rd Street, was dedicated in 1950.

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