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Snow... In Galveston?

Snow on the rooftops in historic Galveston

When one thinks of Galveston weather, what typically comes to mind is sunny days on the beach; on a bad day, perhaps tropical storms … but snow?

Yet snow and ice storms have indeed befallen the island, wreaking havoc with transportation, disrupting telephone and electrical service, freezing water pipes, giving children a day off from school, and providing the makings of snowmen and snowball fights.

Since 1871 − the earliest weather record-keeping for Galveston − a number of snowfalls have occurred. In fact, in the hundred years between 1900 and 1999, records show 39 years with snowfall − 11 years experienced measureable amounts, while another 28 years had “trace” amounts. The most significantly wintry years were 1886, when Galveston Bay froze, and 1895, when the island received a whopping snowfall of 15.4 inches. In 2004 Galveston experienced its first-ever white Christmas.

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