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When the Moody Memorial Wing of the library was dedicated on August 22, 1971, it included a meeting room for community organizations on the first floor created in honor of Dr. Edward Randall, Sr. (1860 - 1944) through funding by Dr. and Mrs. Edward Randall, Jr. The elder Dr. Randall, a member of the faculty at University of Texas Medical Branch, served on the committee for the dedication of the original library building in 1904. He was elected to the library trustees in 1914 and served as president of the Board of Directors from 1930 until his death.

Randall Room pre-Hurricane IkeIn September of 2008, Hurricane Ike, one of the largest hurricanes to ever enter the Gulf of Mexico, struck Galveston straight on. Thanks to the Seawall and to just-finished repairs to the exterior of Rosenberg Library, damage, while extensive, was much less than it would have been otherwise. However, the waters that flooded virtually the entire island broke through the library's defenses, and the first floor, which included the Randall Room, was plunged beneath 10 feet of muck-filled water. The library's director quickly secured the services of a disaster recovery company, and with most of the structure itself essentially undamaged, was able to have the debris hauled away and the interior cleaned within a few days. Unfortunately, the wood paneled walls of the Randall Room could not be saved and, to avoid further damage to the structural walls from mold, had to be removed. (Click here for a slideshow of the damage to and recovery efforts for the library from Hurricane Ike.)

Randall Room destroyed by Hurricane IkeRandall Room post clean-up from Hurricane Ike

The Randall Room immediately after Hurricane Ike flood waters (left) and after cleaning (right).
The high water mark can easily be seen high up on the wall in the picture on the right where the coloration of the wall changes.

The last of the funding needed for repair of the first floor was secured early in 2012 and included funds for state of the art flood gates at the entrances to protect the first floor in the event of a future natural disaster that threatens to inundate the building with water. In August of 2012, contracts were awarded to begin construction.

Substantial completion of the first floor was effected in July of 2013, and the first floor was reopened to the public on July 17.  The space that once held the Randall Room was utilized for expansion of the Children's Department area in the Moody wing of the library.  The area in the Rosenberg wing that had been utilized pre-Ike for the children's reading room was restored to match the historic Rosenberg decor and converted to use as the Randall Room. The room features a utility area with counter to accommodate meeting needs. 

Current photo of the Randall Room.

The Randall Room on the library's first floor.

The Randall Room is one of several rooms in the library offered for public meetings and events.

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