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Lizard HuntRose - the Rosenberg Library Lizard

Rose, a blue-tongued skink, lives in the Children's Department at the Rosenberg Library.

Rosenberg Rose, a blue-tongued skinkRosenberg Rose, close up

In August of 2011, Rose got a new home. Her new "digs" are more than twice as large as her old home. Look how well it suits her! (Thank you, Karen!)

Can you see Rose there in the right-hand corner?
Rosenberg Rose in her home
Rosenberg Rose in her home If you live on Galveston Island, you probably have skinks who live with you, too.  Maybe they don't live in your house (although you may have actually seen one or two indoors), but you probably have them around your building or tucked away in a protected spot nearby.  These little guys are your friends.

blue tongued skinkRose is a particular type of skink much larger than those in your yard, called a blue-tongued skink.  Perhaps you can guess how they got that name....

Did you know  ...  that Rose is a Hurricane Ike survivor? She weathered the storm safe in the library along with three people, two cats and one dog! Everybody pulled together, and Rose stayed calm and collected. What a trooper!

On July 17, 2013, Rose made another move - back down to the first floor, her home before the hurricane, but with a brand new decor!  She now sits beside the R.L.S. Treasure Bound near the Wortham Auditorium.  We hope she likes her new quarters as much as we do. And we think she does.
Rosenberg Rose in her home

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How about checking out a good book about skinks and their kin? Click the book jacket links below for holding information at the library, or come in to the library to check out these and other great books .... and to visit Rose!

book jacket: Little Skink's Tailbook jacket: Catfish Kate and the Sweet Swamp Band

Little Skink’s Tail by Janet Halfmann; illustrated by Laurie Allen Klein

Catfish Kate and the Sweet Swamp Band  by Sarah Weeks; illustrated by Elwood H. Smith

book jacket: Lizardsbook jacket: Animal Eggs : an amazing clutch of mysteries & marvels! Lizards  by Kathryn Stevens

Animal Eggs : an amazing clutch of mysteries & marvels!
 by Dawn Cusick & Joanne O'Sullivan
book jacket: Do You Know About Reptiles?book jacket: Reptiles: scaly-skinned animals
by Rennay Craats

Reptiles : scaly-skinned animals
by Laura Purdie Salas ; illustrated by Rosiland Solomon