Board of Directors & Trustees

The Rosenberg Library Association is a non-profit 501(c)3 that encompasses the Rosenberg Library and all of the services and programs it provides. Since its incorporation in 1900, the Association has been governed by a twenty member Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees meets in January primarily for the purpose of selecting members for the Board of Directors, filling any Trustee vacancies, plus other business brought before them. Trustees hold lifetime appointments and are residents of Galveston County. When a vacancy occurs on the Board, a replacement is selected and approved by the remaining Trustees.

The Board of Directors is comprised of nine members, chosen annually from the Board of Trustees. The directors are vested with the corporate authority for the Library and are responsible for its overall governance. The Executive Director, vetted and hired by the Board of Directors and who reports to the Board, is charged with the daily management and control of the Library and its employees. Board meetings are held monthly and as needed to operate the Library.

For questions regarding the Board of Directors and Trustees, please contact Administration.

Board of Directors

Dancie Perugini Ware, President
Allan W. Matthews, Vice President
Douglas G. Rogers, Treasurer
Billie Hoskins, Secretary
Eugene Hornstein, Assistant Secretary
Roland L. Bassett
Michael C. Doherty
Pamela S. Froeschner
Fred D. Raschke


William C. Ansell
Fred C. Burns
Samuel L. Collins, III
James B. Earthman, III
Jason M. Hardcastle
Michael B. Hughes
John W. Kelso
Robert L. K. Lynch
Wayne H. Madsen
Eliza Kempner Quigley
Margaret W. Walker

Honorary Trustee

Risher Randall

Trustees Emeriti

Fredrick J. Bradford
Harris L. Kempner, Jr.

Executive Director

Michael C. Miller, CA, Executive Director
2021 – Present

Previous Executive Directors

John F. Augelli 2002 – 2020
Nancy Milnor 1992 – 2001
John Hyatt 1964 – 1992
Charles O’Halloran 1959 – 1963
Raymond M. Fry 1958 – 1959
Bill Holman 1954 – 1958
Lamar Wallace 1947 – 1954
Joseph Selwyn Ibbottson 1936 – 1946
Arthur Curry 1934 – 1936
Frank C. Patten 1902 – 1934