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One of the greatest things about our wonderful city is its rich and diverse history. We are able to better understand and share that history because of the amazing collections in the Rosenberg Library’s Galveston & Texas History Center (GTHC). The collection’s millions of documents, photographs, maps, books and artifacts help tell Galveston’s story from prehistory to the present.

Saving and preserving all our rich history is an integral part of the Rosenberg Library mission. As you might imagine, a collection of this magnitude requires considerable space for proper storage. We are asking for your help in enhancing our ability to collect and preserve the artifacts and documents that tell the story of Galveston.

The good news is we have the capacity to increase our useable space in GTHC by as much as 50% in our archives vault by installing state of the art, high density archival shelving. This would provide the Library with much needed archival storage space and improve our ability to preserve and expand the GTHC collections.

The board members, trustees and staff of the Rosenberg Library are grateful for your past support. Please consider contributing again this year. Your gift will go a long way in helping us better preserve Galveston’s history.

Michael C. Doherty
Michael C. Miller, CA
Executive Director


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If you have any questions or would like to learn more about giving opportunities, please contact the Library Director at 409.763.8854 Ext. 114 or email