Donate to the Rosenberg Library

Henry’s gift is still enhancing library services and improvements for today’s patrons through the Rosenberg endowment fund. Donors who share Henry Rosenberg’s ideals have an opportunity to be a part of this wonderful legacy. Some make outright cash contributions. Others give books, stocks, artwork or other property.

Many make memorial donations — an especially gracious way to recognize both the donor and the honoree. To make a memorial book donation, the minimum is $50 for an adult title and $25 for a children’s title. Library staff will select a suitable book and a bookplate with the name of the person honored and the name of the donor will be placed in each book.

Individuals can often increase the size of their gifts through company matching gifts programs. And some make bequests in their wills, just as Henry Rosenberg did.

You too can join the generations of readers and patrons who have kept Rosenberg Library healthy and growing for over a century with their gifts and contributions.


Memorial Book Donation
Planned Giving/Legacy Donation
Artifact/Museum Donation


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If you have any questions or would like to learn more about giving opportunities, please contact the Library Director at 409.763.8854 Ext. 114 or email