Fall Fundraiser

We expect to start work very shortly on the much anticipated Phase VII building improvements. These renovations will include restoration of the beautiful, historic ceilings and skylight that were completely covered up in the 1950’s. Located in the 1904 Rosenberg Wing, these features are just west of the Fox Room. In addition to removing the drop ceilings, we also plan to expose a beautiful arched window in the Hutchings Gallery, as well as the elegant, historical walls that have been hidden from view for years. The planned construction work also includes a fundamental reconfiguration of the museum spaces and installation of a lift to provide accessibility between the Harris Gallery and the level of the building where Sandy’s Room and the Hutchings Gallery are located. The current configuration of the split galleries and built-in exhibit cases will be replaced with more flexible, open-concept exhibition areas. This is especially important because of the size of the library’s historical collections and the fact that so many of these one-of-a-kind items have never been on display due to the limitations of the current display arrangements.

Our next challenge in completing the Phase VII project is to secure funding for the fabrication of new custom exhibit cases and multi-media displays. Please join with me in supporting this project by making a donation to the library’s 2018 Fall Fundraiser. Thank you for your support.

On a side note, I wanted to let all of our donors know that our Board of Directors and staff are working with Zero/Six Consulting and the City of Galveston to find a solution to the moisture infiltration problems that have plagued the first floor of the library the last couple of months.


Signature of Michael C. Doherty, President
Michael C. Doherty, President

Custom display case photo courtesy of Tabasco Museum for McIlhenny Co. on Avery Island, LouisianaCustom display cases like these at the Tabasco Museum on Avery Island, Louisiana, will allow the Rosenberg Library to exhibit a greater variety of materials from its museum and archival collections. All cases will be outfitted with preservation-quality lighting and security mechanisms in order to protect the library’s historical treasures. Select cases will be equipped with audio and video components to enhance the museum experience for the multi-generational clientele that the Rosenberg Library serves.
Custom display case photo courtesy of Tabasco Museum for McIlhenny Co. on Avery Island, LouisianaPhotos courtesy of Tabasco Museum for McIlhenny Co. on Avery Island, Louisiana
Rosenberg Library Exhibit Case Concepts. Concepts prepared by Charles Fleming.