Play in Rosenberg Library City on Minecraft

The Rosenberg Library Minecraft server is available to all youth up to age eighteen (18) and is FREE! You can log in with one of our computers to join one of our shared accounts.

If you own your own Minecraft account and want access to our Library Minecraft server from home, please take a look at the policy guidelines, fill out the information on the back and return to the Children’s Reference desk.

Our multiplayer world is live!

  • The game runs on Survival mode.
  • Works only for PC/Mac computers.
  • If you ever get lost on the server, keep in mind Rosenberg City’s coordinates are 278, 70, 23.
  • To access coordinate information, press F3. This will display a large amount of information, but the XYZ coordinates of your current location are on the left side of the screen about halfway down.
Minecraft at the Library