Rosenberg Library Hotspot Frequently Asked Questions


Who can borrow a Wi-Fi Hotspot?
To check out a Rosenberg Library hotspot, you must have a permanent, personal Rosenberg Library card that is not blocked.
How can I get one?
To check out a hotspot, visit the Circulation Desk on the first floor of the library.
How long can I borrow a hotspot? What happens if it’s overdue?
You can borrow a hotspot for fourteen (14) days.
If the hotspot is out past its due date, service will be disabled within twenty-four (24) hours. You will be unable to check out any items from the library until the device is returned.
How much does it cost to borrow a Wi-Fi Hotspot?
There is no charge to borrow and use a hotspot.
Where can I return a hotspot?
You must return the hotspot package to the Circulation Desk on the first floor of the Rosenberg Library. An attendant will briefly inspect the device and confirm that everything is in working order.
If the hotspot package is returned in any other location, we cannot guarantee that it will be safe from the elements or bulk handling. If the hotspot is damaged, you may find a charge on your account.
I lost/broke it. What now?
Hotspots are subject to the usual charges for lost or damaged materials. If you lose the hotspot or damage it beyond repair, we will charge the device’s cost of $85 to your library account. If you lose or damage the case, charging cable, or power brick beyond repair, we will charge $5 to your library account. You will be unable to check out any items from the library until the balance is cleared.
What comes in the hotspot package?
Rosenberg Library Hotspot Package
  • Hotspot device (Alcatel LINKZONE 2)
  • USB-A to USB-C charging cable
  • Power brick
  • Quick-Start Guide card in English and Spanish
How do I start using the hotspot?
Press and hold the power button until indicators light up (up to ten (10) seconds). If it won’t turn on, try charging the battery.
The Wi-Fi is active and connected to the Internet when the Wi-Fi indicator Wi-Fi indicator is illuminated, and any of the indicators above the Network indicator Network indicator are solidly illuminated. The Network indicator will blink when it is trying to connect. It may take up to two (2) minutes for a full connection to be established.
Turn the hotspot over to find the Network Name and Password on the back. In the Wi-Fi settings of your device, select the hotspot’s Network Name, and enter the Password when prompted.
Alternatively, press and hold the WPS button for three (3) seconds. The Wi-Fi LED indicator will flash every two (2) seconds. Attempting to connect to a Wi-Fi network in WPS mode should allow access without requiring a password.
How do I recharge the hotspot’s battery?
Diagram of the hotspot battery port
When the battery indicator lights up red, you’ll need to charge the battery soon. Connect the USB charging cable (included) to the power brick (included) and then plug the USB-C end into the hotspot. Finally, plug the power brick into an electrical socket. The battery indicator flashes while charging. It will take around three to four (3 – 4) hours to fully charge. The hotspot may be used while it is charging.
What do all the lights mean?
Diagram of the indicator lights on the hotspot

When the hotspot is powered on, these icons will illuminate. For a description of the icons, please refer to the table below:

Wi-Fi indicator illuminated Wi-Fi Indicator (Blue LED)
Solid Blue – Wi-Fi is active.
Flashing Blue – WPS mode is active.
Network indicator illuminated Signal Indicator (Red or Blue LED)
Solid Blue (any/all) – Registered and connected to network.
Good coverage – 3 LEDs all light up
Middle coverage – 2 LEDs light up
Weak coverage – 1 LED lights up
Flashing Blue – Network disconnected.
Solid Red – No network, no SIM card or SIM card error, limited or no service. Call the Rosenberg Library Computer Lab Desk at 409.763.8854 Ext. 130 if this occurs in an area with T-Mobile coverage.
Battery indicator illuminated Battery Indicator (Red or Blue LED)
Solid Blue 3 LEDs light up blue: Battery level 80% – 100%
2 LEDs light up blue: Battery level 40% – 79%
1 LED lights up blue: Battery level 15% – 39%
Solid Red 1 LED lights up red: Battery level 0% – 14%.
Flashing – LEDs will flash while charging. Once the battery level is at 100%, 3 LEDs will display solid blue.
Where will the hotspot work?
See T-Mobile’s network coverage map to see where they have 4G data coverage available. Currently, any location that has 5G coverage will also have 4G coverage.
Can my hotspot do anything else?
Diagram of the hotspot charging port
Of course it can! Otherwise this section wouldn’t be here! Your hotspot can be used as a power bank to charge other devices. Simply use the larger USB-A port on the end with your personal device’s charge cable and it will begin charging automatically. Note that this will drastically reduce the lifetime of your hotspot battery, so charge with care!