Planned Giving to the Rosenberg Library

Henry Rosenberg statue

Library History

“I desire to express in a practical form my affection for the city of my adoption and for the people among whom I have lived for so many years, trusting that it will aid their intellectual and moral development, and be a source of pleasure and profit to them and their children, and their children’s children, through many generations.”
Henry Rosenberg – 1893, last will and testament

Today, Rosenberg Library continues to provide patrons in Galveston with an impressive collection of traditional printed materials, along with e-books, audio visual materials and on-line databases, two large computer labs with high-speed Internet, Wi-Fi access, seven meeting rooms, comprehensive reference services and programming for people of all ages. In addition to public library services and its role as a cultural center for the community, the Rosenberg Library is unique in that it also maintains the most comprehensive archives and museum in the nation on the history of Galveston and the early settlement of Texas.

Rosenberg Library building ca. 1904


Henry’s gift is still enhancing library services and improvements for today’s patrons through the Rosenberg endowment fund. Donors who share Henry Rosenberg’s ideals have an opportunity to be a part of this wonderful legacy. Some make outright cash contributions. Others give books, stocks, artwork or other property. Many make memorial donations — an especially gracious way to recognize both the donor and the honoree. Individuals can often increase the size of their gifts through company matching gifts programs. And some make bequests in their wills, just as Henry Rosenberg did.

You too can join the generations of readers and patrons who have kept Rosenberg Library healthy and growing for over a century with their gifts and contributions.

This information is intended to provide a general overview of gift options, or you may contact the Library Director at (409) 763-8854, ext. 114 for more information about any of these giving opportunities. Your inquiry will be kept confidential, and any gift may be made anonymously.

Thank you!

Planned Gifts can take Several Forms:

  • Outright bequest: You may leave cash, stocks or real estate to the Rosenberg Library in your will. Non-cash assets will generally be converted to cash.
  • Beneficiary designation: You may name the Rosenberg Library as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or a 401(k) retirement plan.
  • Trust beneficiary: You may name the Rosenberg Library as either the beneficiary of the income from a trust or beneficiary of a trust at its termination, a charitable remainder trust.
Annual giving

Please consider giving to the Rosenberg Library annual fundraiser with a gift of cash or 401(k) charitable distribution.

Your generosity will help keep the Rosenberg Library’s collections and community resources strong.

For Beneficiary Designations, Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Request a beneficiary form from your bank or 401(k) plan administrator. This form – not your will – determines how these assets are distributed after your lifetime.

Step 2: If the form requests a social security number, use the library’s tax identification number: 74-11430725. If the form asks for a date of birth, use the library’s date of incorporation: 07/10/1900.

Step 3: Write in the Rosenberg Library as beneficiary or partial beneficiary using our address: 2310 Sealy, Galveston, Texas 77550-2220.

Step 4: If you, your attorney or your 401(k) plan administrator have any questions, please contact us at (409) 763-8854, ext. 114.

Bequest: Sample Language

Please share this sample language with your attorney or advisor.

“I give [the sum or ______ dollars] or [____% of the full/residue of my estate], or [the residue of my estate], to the Rosenberg Library, a nonprofit corporation, organized and existing under the laws of the State of Texas, with a principal business address of 2310 Sealy, Galveston, Texas 77550. Federal tax identification number 74-11430725.”

View of Library's East Entrance

Please Tell Us about Your Gift

We would love the chance to thank you. Your gift can also inspire others to remember the Rosenberg Library in a meaningful way.

The Rosenberg Library uses legacy gifts to support library efforts in keeping with its mission, unless otherwise specified by the donor. If you would like your gift to be used for a specific purpose, please contact us to ensure your wishes will be met.

Mission Statement

Rosenberg Library represents Galveston’s past, present and future, a unique institution serving as the principal repository of Galveston’s historical heritage and providing technological and traditional library services, all as a continuing resource for the community, its children and its children’s children.

View of Sealy Street Entrance